Choose your Glance

Not sure which impression you want to make? Let the different Glances help you decide.


I'm not bad, I'm just lashed that way.

Whenever you need to make an entrance or show some drama. In Beyond, you won’t turn heads, you will break necks.

Glance's Tip: "Go big or go home, I expect a smokey eye and thick, winged eyeliner. I mean you’re already above so go Beyond."

The Erika

Stunning lash, radiant skin and a defined brow. Effortless perfection. Now keep it moving.

Long, wispy and flirty. Come hither!

Glance's Tip: "Make it look like it took you an hour to get ready. Vitamin C + hydrating serum + The Erika’s = the effortless beauty that is you. You know the rest..."


The only known element of my escapades is the radiance of my eyelashes.

To be worn for unpredictable, alluring and maybe little scandalous adventures.

Glance's Tip: "Be prepared for the unknown. Pack your favorite skincare and makeup staples because chances are you will not end up where you began. Oh! Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!"

Ever After

Where beauty will eternally gaze at itself in a mirror, always reflecting the truest fantasy.

The perfect lash for an enchanting moment that will last past midnight.

Glance's Tip: "Have a vivid imagination to create whatever character you want to be with this whimsical lash. Add a touch of iridescent highlighter. Create the ever after you always dreamed of."

Just Enough

Keep them guessing. Yes, they are Just Enough.

Soft and natural for when you just need that something.

Glance's Tip: "Have healthy skin, add a touch of pink to the cheek and a dewy glow."

The Little Black Lash

Every first impression starts with the First Glance.

Effortless. The original statement lash.

Glance's Tip: "Every little black lash deserves a bold red lip and strong eyeliner so let these lashes do the talking."

Standing Ovation

Because every night is an encore.

You will have star quality and look like a 20’s show stopper. There will never be a question who the star of the show is.

Glance's Tip: "All spotlights are on you. Make sure to highlight and unapologetically glow so you know with every bat of your baby doll eyes you will be the moment."

When in Doubt

There's no need for a second guess.

This lash is a solid staple in your wardrobe to be worn for any occasion. Like she said, she will never let you down.

Glance's Tip: "She will never let you down. When in doubt ex foliate, hydrate and contour."